Aug 5, 2018

Master of the Worm-Eaten Skull, Fabric Print

Aeron Alfrey - Master of the Worm-Eaten Skull.small

Aeron Alfrey - Master of the Worm-Eaten Skull, Fabric Print

Aeron Alfrey - Master of the Worm-Eaten Skull With Skeleton

Now available is a 4 1/2 x 3 foot, roughly 56 x 36 inches, high quality fabric print of my homage to a woodcut from the workshop of José Guadalupe Posada titled "Master of the Worm-Eaten Skull." The artwork was originally created for a Le Dernier Cri exhibit in Mexico a few years back for a Day of the Dead event in the city of Oaxaca.

I've included a photo with a life size skull for size comparison..

Further details can be found on the product page at my online store.

May 3, 2018

Nobody Sleeps with the Creepy Peeps, Art Print

Aeron Alfrey - Nobody Sleeps With The Creepy Peeps

11 x 17 inch art prints on thick card stock paper now available of "Nobody Sleeps with the Creepy Peeps" artwork. All prints will be hand signed on the front with a silver pen. Get it now..

Apr 2, 2018

Demon Studies

Demons 1 - 25

Demons 26 - 50

Here's a selection from 50 ink and brush studies of demon heads now available to purchase, 25 dollars each. You can get them at my online shop here..

Demon - 48

Demon - 43

Demon - 21

Demon - 14

Demon - 30

Demon - 25

Demon - 17

Demon - 07

Demon - 08

Demon - 13

Demon - 26

Demon - 09

Demon - 46

Demon - 27

Demon - 42

Demon - 38

Demon - 37

Demon - 12

Demon - 40

Demon - 35

Aug 24, 2017

Nightmare Demons Print Available

Aeron Alfrey - An American Werewolf In London Aeron Alfrey - An American Werewolf In London - Detail 4 Aeron Alfrey - An American Werewolf In London - Detail 2 Aeron Alfrey - An American Werewolf In London - Detail 3 Aeron Alfrey - An American Werewolf In London - Detail 1 This artwork was inspired by a nightmare scene from the film "An American Werewolf In London". The print is made using archival inks on UltraSmooth Fine Art archival paper measuring 24 x 16 inches. The artwork is signed and numbered in an edition of 100. Get it here.

Aug 17, 2017

Cave Evil: War Cults

Aeron Alfrey - Tomb Of The Forgotten KingTomb Of The Forgotten King

Aeron Alfrey - Spectral SoldiersSpectral Soldiers

Aeron Alfrey - Hellionoids In The Hall Of Skulls copyHellionoids In The Hall Of Skulls

Aeron Alfrey - Cave Of The Terrorantulas.smallCave Of The Terrorantulas

Aeron Alfrey - Cave Evil - Bone BridgeBone Bridge

Aeron Alfrey - Brimstone BeastBrimstone Beast

Aeron Alfrey - Swarm of Hell AngelsSwarm of Hell Angels

Aeron Alfrey - Beast AttackBeast Attack

Aeron Alfrey - Abyssal BearAbyssal Bear

Cave Evil: War Cults - Aeron Alfrey Art Page 1

Cave Evil: War Cults - Aeron Alfrey Art Page 2

Here's a selection of ink drawings that I created for the boardgame "Cave Evil: War Cults".  Copies of the game are available here.

I will be selling the original ink drawings later this year.

Dec 9, 2016

Krampus Giftwrap Available Now

Krampus Giftwrap

Krampus Giftwrap

Krampus Giftwrap
 Available now is a new edition of my Krampus inspired giftwrap. Each sheet is filled with a repeating pattern of 25 colorful and unique Krampus inspired monster heads.

Every purchase includes four sheets, two red and two green, on 20x28 inch heavy weight paper. Use it for Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, Halloween decoration, use it as posters to hang on your wall, lots of potential for this stuff. Get it here.

Nov 25, 2016

Ghoul Print For Sale

Aeron Alfrey - Ghoul

Aeron Alfrey - Ghoul (detail)

This portrait of a ghoul is 16 x 20 inches, in a limited edition of 50. Price is fifty dollars plus shipping and is at a discounted cost from its original 65 dollar price. I decide to make it initially available at the Cyber Monday sale price that I'll be putting some of my other prints at in a few days. 


Sep 9, 2016

Various Artworks

Art Prints

Various artworks going to Israel, Norway, Australia and other interesting parts of the world. The Rangel mini print will be made available in the near future, by sheer coincidence it is the exact same size as the Baba Yaga mini print. You can purchase my artwork here.

Feb 17, 2016

New Patch Designs For Sale

Aeron Alfrey - Patches
3 original patch designs are now available in my store.

There is the head of a troll, a demon and a ghoul, printed on linen cotton canvas with high quality inks.  Each patch measures around 10 1/2 x 12 inches.

Aeron Alfrey - Demon Patch

Aeron Alfrey - Ghoul Patch

 Aeron Alfrey - Troll Patch