Sep 25, 2021

Under Twin Suns / The Age of Decayed Futurity

Here are two books that I created covers for, recently published by Hippocampus Press. 

Book design by the massively talented Dan Sauer.

Under Twin Suns is an anthology inspired by the writings of Robert W. Chambers. The cover depicts The King in Yellow in the city of Carcosa. 

"In this anthology of weird fiction, twenty-two authors who found the Yellow Sign share their harrowing visions of worlds shaped by its influence in stories and poems inspired by Robert W. Chambers’s foundational works of weird horror. From the personal to the historic, from the macabre to the fantastic, the stories and poems gathered here illuminate new, unexpected realities shaped by the King in Yellow, under the sway of the Yellow Sign, or in the grip of madnesses inspired by their power." A direct purchase link can be found here. 

The second book "The Age of Decayed Futurity" is a best of collection from author Mark Samuels.

"For the past two decades, British author Mark Samuels has written some of the most vibrant and challenging weird fiction of any contemporary writer. But his work—collected in such volumes as The White Hands and Other Weird Tales (2003), The Man Who Collected Machen (2010), and Written in Darkness (2014)—has by and large appeared in limited editions not widely distributed in the United States.

This volume features seventeen of Samuels’s best weird stories. Several display his fascination with technology, advertising, and urban horror, as in “Apartment 205” and the title story. Other tales speak of the writing of weird fiction itself as a potentially hazardous and supernatural enterprise, as in “The White Hands” and “Vrolyck.”  

In several of his lengthier narratives—notably “The Gentleman from Mexico” and “The Crimson Fog”—Samuels draws upon H. P. Lovecraft’s pseudomythology to venture into realms of cosmic horror. “The Black Mould” and “My World Has No Memories” are distinctively existential tales of undeniable potency." A direct purchase link can be found here.



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