Sep 23, 2014

Cover Art For Madhouse

Aeron Alfrey - Madhouse Cover Art The above is the wraparound cover artwork for the upcoming shared world horror anthology titled "MADHOUSE" to be published by Dark Regions Press.

There is currently an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign for the book here.

I will create ten additional full page artworks if the original fundraising goal is met. If additional stretch goals are met, I'll be creating a lot more art for the book. This will include original full page artworks for every story in the anthology, original artworks for every chapter and a detailed two page spread depicting a creepy interior hallway to be used as end pages. I wanted to create a before and after variation of the end pages so the first end page spread would have a scene inside the Madhouse that is slightly different from the end pages at the back of the book. There might be a character in a doorway on the first end pages whose head grows into a misshapen thing in the second version.  Perhaps there is a person in a wheelchair on the first and on the second, the wheel chair has fallen apart and what appeared as a person sitting in it is now in pieces on the floor, hollow pieces of a dummy with strange things slithering out. 

Some of the perks that I am directly involved in includes the option to have your face superimposed into one of the illustrations within MADHOUSE as a nightmarish creature or bizarre character. You can also add a room of your own to the MADHOUSE that I will create an original illustration for. Both of these perks will include prints of the related artworks as well as copies of the book and other bonuses.

If you're interested, feel free to look through the IndieGoGo fundraising page to see all of the details.

I am the sole artist on this project and I will be creating many strange and horrifying artworks for the MADHOUSE anthology, with your help we can fill the book with even more!

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