Jan 10, 2016

Madhouse Cover Art

Aeron Alfrey - Madhouse (Cropped Version)Madhouse (cropped version)
 Aeron Alfrey - Madhouse - Detail 1Madhouse - Detail 1
 Aeron Alfrey - Madhouse - Detail 2Madhouse - Detail 2
 Aeron Alfrey - Madhouse - Detail 3Madhouse - Detail 3

Aeron Alfrey - Madhouse Cover - Fabric Test PrintMadhouse Cover - Fabric Test Print (4 x 5 feet, approximately)
 Aeron Alfrey - Madhouse CoverFull Size Cover For Madhouse

This is an artwork that was recently created for the cover of an upcoming horror anthology titled "Madhouse" to be published by Dark Regions Press later this year. Included is a cropped in version used to experiment with a fabric print at 4x5 some feet. The final version will have the full size artwork printed larger on fabric and will be for sale once I finalize all the details.

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