Dec 1, 2009

The Last Known Picture Of Joseph Merrick

Here is my depiction of Joseph Merrick, otherwise known as The Elephant Man. This artwork was created for a David Lynch themed group exhibit at the Alcove Gallery of Contemporary Art in Georgia earlier this year.

I am selling a limited edition of museum quality art prints of this artwork. The print is 16 x 18 inches and is made using archival inks on premium photo luster paper, the artwork goes to the edge of the print with no border space. All prints are signed and numbered.

Price is 75 dollars and includes shipping and handling. Shipping is extra outside of the USA. If interested, contact me at evilenergy @

1 comment:

  1. I stumbled across a book written about Joseph by a fellow who found the medical records from the doctors who worked with him.
    Amazing book - has several pictures as well.